Charlotte, NC



License Type: Counselor, Ed.S, LPCA, NCC

Office Address: 18 E. Tremont Avenue Suite B, Charlotte, NC, 28203

Telephone Number: 980-224-3484



"My desire is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment to aid in facilitating change and growth. Whether you're going through life transition or relational strain, my goal is to empower you to find the tools within yourself to initiate a positive transformation in your life. Let's focus on navigating and guiding you through the change process to cultivate a deeper self awareness to discover a more peaceful state of mind.

My clinical experience includes working with adolescents and adults in individual, group, couples, and family settings. Areas of treatment have surrounded personal, behavioral, emotional, relational, and family difficulties, as well as, working with clients with histories of addiction, trauma, and various mental illnesses.

I approach counseling through an integrative, client-centered lens. My theoretical foundation is rooted in Bowen Family Systems, however, I use Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative, Solution Focused and other techniques. Having knowledge of multiple approaches allows me to tailor therapy to fit each client and their individual needs."

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License Type: Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC

Office Address: 1801 North Tryon Street, Suite B304, Charlotte, NC, 28206

Telephone Number: (704) 504-7274 



"As the Millennial Therapist, I specialize in helping individuals cope with the real stressors of balancing work, relationships, family demands and personal life. I understand how easy it is to lose yourself while trying to conquer all of life's challenges from career uncertainty, to finding your purpose and fulfilment in a world that is constantly changing. With five or more years of transforming the lives of children, adolescents and families, I am able to provide successful and effective counseling, coaching, and educational workshops for all individuals.

In mastering the skill set of school and clinical counseling, I also serve children and teens ages 7-17 years who are struggling with social and emotional behaviors such as severe temper-tantrums, teenage-rebellion, outbursts, physical and verbal aggression, ADHD, defiance, sexualized behavior and language.

We offer evening and weekend appointments to help accommodate all clients' schedules. Our sessions are nonjudgmental and tailored to meet your needs as well as assist you in identifying and maximizing your strengths to explore the best solution in overcoming your struggles. Your journey of self-discovery starts with a phone call today!"