Shaza is an experienced peer educator and mentor who works with women and young girls to help facilitate their inner growth. An advocate for mental and emotional health, she has founded Mind the GAHP with the hope of inspiring others to live more consciously. 

Shaza has over five years’ experience facilitating workshops on intersectional topics including but not limited to, interpersonal violence, body image, and rape culture. In hearing the need for mental and emotional support, Mind the GAHP was created. Shaza provides safe spaces for women to address deep-rooted issues and break unhealthy patterns by connecting them to professionals and experts in their respective local areas.

This work has not only made a life changing impact on the women in attendance, but has also transformed her for the better. Through teaching, she has learned how to break the cycle of anxiety to gain a more fulfilled life. Shaza has a true passion for teaching and helping women to live happier, more wholesome lives