We believe that it is our responsibility to conveniently provide all women access to self-care and mental health resources in order to promote personal and professional growth.


Mind the GAHP works to bridge the gap in access to mental health resources by connecting women to qualified, licensed, and insured mental health professionals in their respective local areas. We do this with the support of therapists specifically looking to build their clientele. We help these professionals not only to build their customer bases, but also to gain more exposure for their work and impact.

We also understand that both individual problems and institutional influences have not granted everyone equal access to mental health resources or conventional self-care practices, so we have integrated both self-care and community care exercises into our events. We believe that caring for oneself is necessary for self-preservation and that community care is imperative when self-care is not an option.  

#MindtheGAHP is helping women to create a social movement gathering through this form of inclusive intersectionality.