We provide opportunities for mental health professionals to grow their businesses. We do this through inbound marketing, which willingly brings your audience to you!

        We help you do what online directories cannot do: set yourself apart, and be in direct contact with women who are interested in long-term support. The investment in this speaking platform is only $100: a fraction of the cost of directories. Our events are an ideal exchange of value between you and your potential customer. It is the interaction that creates a lasting impression that in turn, converts attendees into referrals.

We will help increase your client referrals through:

  • speaking platforms as a featured panelist

  • networking opportunities

  • branding on website and growing social media pages


*Please note that applications for our Raleigh pop-up are currently closed.

Name *

*Speakers should complement the mission and image of Mind the GAHP.

*Please expect a follow-up phone interview if you are chosen to be a speaker. 

Mind the GAHP is a phenomenal organization! I am very thankful for having the opportunity to participate and speak at their inaugural event. My experience with the organization gave me the exposure to connect with women who were passionate about healing and growing. Since then, I have received an abundance of referrals for counseling and coaching services. I am beyond grateful for Mind the GAHP and I highly recommend their upcoming events to women who are in search of personal development.
— Shanika Johnson (Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC)
I was a part of the Mind the GAHP event as a point of reference; to answer some of the ladies’ questions centered around mental health and wellness. I think it was a nice, well put together event. The conversation and dialogue helped pushed the narrative about mental wellness and self-care in an effective way. Looking forward to what Mind the GAHP does next!
— Kemi Ayadi (Counselor, LPC) (Charlotte Pop-Up Speaker)
I’ve partnered and worked with Mind the GAHP on several different occasions. From helping teen girls gain knowledge about mental health through Girl Chat, providing space for black women to understand trauma and their triggers in Black Girl Heal, to ensuring college women are aware of all dimensions of their wellness and health through a partnered college edition of Mind the GAHP and Honest | Conversations. Through all of these events, working with Shaza has been an amazing experience; she truly has a heart for seeing women grow, heal and succeed, and does this by creating a safe space for women to investigate self fully. Her heart can be seen through her attention to detail when crafting outlines and program guides, her thorough research when developing events catered to specific audiences, as well as her desire to connect all women to qualified licensed mental health therapist in the area. Within each event I’ve attended I’ve seen lives impacted, perspectives widened, and fresh air permeate hearts and minds - Mind the GAHP is not just another women’s event, but a powerful tool that is bringing healing to women through intention, knowledge, and love. There are concerns we as women may never want to speak about or issues we may not be aware of, but Mind the GAHP sets out to bring freedom to both of those areas so we can live a life we deserve. From pop-up events, to Instagram stories and posts Mind the GAHP, and the force behind it, Shaza Ibrahim, is setting the tone for what supporting women and helping them grow looks like - and we are all better because of it!
— Chanale Propst (Honest Conversations Founder) (UNCC & Johnson C. Smith University Partner)

Please e-mail us at if you:

  • Want to sponsor or partner with us for a future event.

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  • Any other questions and/or ideas.

Thank you!