We provide opportunities for mental health professionals to grow their businesses. We do this through inbound marketing, which willingly brings your audience to you!

        We help you do what online directories cannot do: set yourself apart, and be in direct contact with women who are interested in long-term support. The investment in this speaking platform is only $100: a fraction of the cost of directories. Our events are an ideal exchange of value between you and your potential customer. It is the interaction that creates a lasting impression that in turn, converts attendees into referrals.

We will help increase your client referrals through:

  • speaking platforms as a featured panelist

  • networking opportunities

  • branding on website and growing social media pages


*Please note that applications for our Raleigh pop-up are currently closed.

Name *

*Speakers should complement the mission and image of Mind the GAHP.

*Please expect a follow-up phone interview if you are chosen to be a speaker. 



"The Mind the GAHP event was an unforgettable experience! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a speaker and share valuable knowledge with a room full of women who were dedicated to personal healing and growth! Thank you Shaza for your genuineness and passion for connecting others with the professional tools and resources to help them succeed!"- Shanika Johnson (Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC) (Charlotte Pop-Up Speaker)

Please e-mail us at if you:

  • Want to sponsor or partner with us for a future event.

  • Have a space you'd like us to use for an event.

  • Have press inquiries.

  • Any other questions and/or ideas.

Thank you!