Mind the GAHP 

(Gaining Access to Higher Possibilities):

A wellness pop-up event for women interested in getting support for issues in a communal environment.

We hold powerful facilitated discussions lead by qualified mental health professionals that empower women to heal and move forward by doing the necessary mindful work in their personal and professional lives.


You are struggling with feelings of insecurity, fear, and doubt.

The truth is, if you don't heal the inner, deep-rooted pain, you will remain feeling stuck and restless.

But imagine you getting the support and long-term resources to help you:

+ work through your problems

+ become more intentional

+ move forward

This is for you if you are ready to:

+ find inner peace

+ gain momentum in all areas of your life

+ build purposeful and intentional relationships

+ rise above your circumstances and tap into your full potential



"I learned so much about myself during this event! It was really eye-opening and self-healing. There's so much work that I need to continue to do on myself and Mind the GAHP helped me find that out. I can't wait for future events." -Usra Mohamed (Charlotte Pop-Up)

"Love this event. We need more events like this."- Ana Young (Charlotte Pop-Up)

"I felt empowered throughout and afterwards. Thank you for all that was done. My friends and I were still reflecing on it hours after." -Pranjali Shah (Charlotte Pop-Up)

"I love the overall concept of Mind the GAHP, and how the day went. It felt great to be in a safe space with other females, and to know you aren't alone with your thoughts and everyday stressors of life."- Ashlei Alexander (Charlotte Pop-Up)


we assist mental health professionals in building their clientele


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