We believe that it is our responsibility to conveniently provide people with access to evidence-based self-care, mental health, and overall wellness resources in order to promote personal and professional growth.

Our corporate and university wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee and student well-being by creating an organizational culture of health. Mind the GAHP offers wellness solutions that extend beyond traditional wellness programming. We help cultivate healthy habits among these individuals and improve health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing campus and human resource investments, and boosting participant engagement.

our objectives

Mind the GAHP provides colleges and corporations with actionable, long-term tools and resources to help their students and employees heal, grow, and succeed. We do this through our professionally-curated exercises and assignments, scientifically validated self-care activities, and direct access to local wellness professionals.

We work to bridge the gap in access to mental health resources by connecting people to expert wellness professionals in their respective local areas. At our sessions, these professionals help people to start doing the necessary mindful work in their lives while also providing them with essential follow-up care.

We also understand that both individual problems and institutional influences have not granted everyone equal access to mental health resources or conventional self-care practices, so we have integrated both self-care and community care activities and exercises into our events. We believe that caring for oneself is necessary for self-preservation and that community care is imperative when self-care is not an option.

#MindtheGAHP is helping people to create a social movement gathering through this form of inclusive intersectionality.

our vision for college campuses

+ We identify and assist college students who may be at risk for suicide as suicidal thoughts and behaviors can impact the entire campus community. Mental health issues often first appear between the ages of 18 and 24, so colleges are uniquely situated to help these young people with our services.

+ We focus on helping students to develop coping skills before they experience a traumatizing event, instead of primarily focusing on the post-experience treatment. In the long run, this shift helps enable institutions to reduce demand for rapid-access services, alleviate their overworked mental health practitioners and lead to a better higher-education experience for students.

+ While universities may be offering more “rapid-access” services, many of the traditional, more routine offerings have been scaled back, resulting in a void when students need follow-up care. We help to bridge this gap by improving access to mental health services both on and off campus.

our vision for work environments

+ Our corporate wellness program isn’t just an effort to reduce health care costs — it’s part of a culture dedicated to helping employees live happier, healthier lives outside of work. We personalize our programs based on individual employee goals and challenges. This allows them to be more comfortable, engaging, and resonating than with a one-size-fits-all solution.

+ Our research shows that employee engagement, well-being, and turnover are much bigger drivers of a company’s financial success than medical costs. Employees crave a sense of purpose, community, and value at work. Our program helps make this easily tangible. We focus on actionable, long-term tools and resources that lead people to want to improve their own well-being.

+ Unlike many other wellness programs that make employees feel like something done to them rather than for them, Mind the GAHP works to bridge that gap by incorporating both self-care and community care into our program. We help to elevate company culture, inspire commitment, and tie to your specific business’ goals. Our professionally curated programs engages people automatically.